Audit, Accounting & Financial Reporting

Accounting firms, public companies, and audit committees routinely retain Murphy & McGonigle to represent them and their professional, executives, and members in enforcement and criminal investigations and actions, regulatory inquiries, and litigation in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We are conversant with how accounting professionals apply accounting principles and standards and, as former SEC enforcement lawyers and federal prosecutors, we know how regulators interpret them. We leverage that experience and knowledge to represent clients before the SEC and other regulatory bodies, and to defend clients in private securities fraud and professional services liability actions. We understand the unique relationship between independent auditors and their attest clients, and the audit committee's critical role in corporate stewardship. That understanding informs our counsel in matters ranging from auditor independence and audit quality to internal investigations and corporate disclosures.

Looking Forward

The last 18 months have been a period of considerable change and dislocation at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. In 2018, an entirely new slate of five board members took charge, and in October 2019 the SEC appointed yet another new board member. At the same time, the senior staff of the board has experienced significant turnover. In December 2019, the PCAOB appointed Ken Lench, an experienced and respected enforcement lawyer with senior SEC and private practice experience, as its new general counsel, and appointed Patrick Bryan, formerly head of enforcement at the Fed and a veteran of the SEC’s Trial Unit, as the PCAOB’s new director of enforcement and investigations. These new appointments may signal an end to the turbulence at the PCAOB and a refocus on core activities. Also in December 2019, the SEC granted the PCAOB’s request for a modest increase in its budget from $274 million to $285 million, which will be used in part to increase its staff from 838 to 850 positions.