Regulatory confusion? You’ve reached the right team.

Our attorneys help companies navigate the rapidly evolving marketplace of crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and more. The Blockchain Team’s success stems from its prior experience "at the table" with regulatory agencies, such as the CFTC, SEC, and OCC, among others.

For the full list of our all-star Blockchain Team, visit our FinTech & Blockchain Practice Group.

Team Snapshot

The regulatory maze of agencies can be confusing. Our Team members include:

  • 16 former SEC attorneys
  • 2 former CFTC attorneys
  • 2 former senior attorneys from CME
  • Former OCC attorney
  • 5 former DOJ attorneys

Featured FinTech & Blockchain Attorneys:
Mark M. Attar
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7021
Larry E. Bergmann
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7032
Daniel T. Brown
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7020
Matthew B. Comstock
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7034
Katherine Cooper
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3630
Stephen J. Crimmins
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3624
Elizabeth Lan Davis
Washington, DC
T: (202) 220-1933
James Dombach
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7019
Joseph P. Facciponti
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3966
Steven D. Feldman
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3988
Stephen T. Gannon
Washington, DC
T: (202) 220-1924
James K. Goldfarb
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3961
Harris L. Kay
Chicago, IL
T: (312) 820-5130
Howard L. Kramer
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7012
Ella Markina
Richmond, VA
T: (804) 762-5336
Cameron S. Matheson
Richmond, VA
T: (804) 762-5332
Andrew J. Melnick
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3580
Robertson Park
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7022
Lisa Weingarten Richards
Washington, DC
T: (202) 661-7016
Maggie Sklar
Chicago, IL
T: (312) 820-5117
Theodore R. Snyder
New York, NY
T: (212) 880-3976
William E. Walsh
Chicago, IL
T: (312) 820-5114