• Blockchain Expo North America 2019
    11/13/2019 - 11/14/2019 | (08/09/2019)

    Blockchain Expo North America 2019 will be held from November 13-14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the Silicon Valley. Murphy & McGonigle is excited to serve as Track Sponsor of the Expo for the second consecutive year. Co-Founder and Chairman James Murphy will be delivering a Keynote Speech. Other presenters include Justin Schmidt, Vice President & Head of Digital Asset Markets at Goldman Sachs, and Jessica Reiner, Senior Counselor & Advisor of US Department of the Treasury. Topics to be discussed at the Expo will include Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms and Strategies, Cryptocurrency and Financial Services, Developing Blockchain Applications, Blockchain for Business, Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain Workshops, and Innovation & Investors Zone.

  • Blockchain Health Summit
    10/15/2019 - 10/17/2019 | (08/09/2019)

    Blockchain Health Summit will take place at the Wyndham New Yorker on October 15 -17, 2019 (481 8th Avenue Street New York). The Summit is designed for healthcare leaders to understand more about blockchain and its possible uses for the industry. The Summit will encompass four different conferences: Blockchain Technology Innovation; Regulation & Compliance for decentralized platforms; ‘Pharma-Chain’- Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain, and Clinical Trials; Data Security, & Healthcare Cryptocurrencies. This will be a collaborative experience where attendees are able to build contacts and relationships in the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • CoinAlts Fund Symposium 2019
    09/25/2019 (09:30 AM - 07:00 PM) | (08/02/2019)

    CoinAlts Fund Symosium 2019 will take place on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at The Art Institute of Chicago IL (111 S. Michigan Ave Chicago IL). Key topics for discussion will be market infrastructure, legal and regulatory issues and developments, trading and futures, and general trends in digital assets. The Symposium will include a two-hour presentation, entitled “Women in Crypto,” facilitating connections between women in the blockchain space and encouraging more women to get involved in the emerging industry.

  • Blockchain Live
    09/25/2019 (09:30 AM - 05:10 PM) | (08/02/2019)

    Blockchain Live is a one-day exhibition organized to connect Innovators, Influencers and Investors, and to drive growth in the marketplace for blockchain. It will take place on September 25, 2019 in Olympia, London UK.  The open-plan Conference will take part across five Content Stages: Business Summit, Tech Connect Stage, Future Finance Stage, Crypto Impact Stage, and GovChain Stage. Content will focus on embracing the challenges and opportunities of the changing landscape, and attendees will learn to decipher the differences between leading platforms, developer tools, and protocols. The blockchain topics discussed will include land registry, voting, data sharing, taxation and international aid, and the role of government in leading blockchain and crypto regulation.

  • Blockchain in Oil & Gas
    09/18/2019 - 09/19/2019 | (07/26/2019)

    The Blockchain in Oil and Gas Conference will be a two-day event on September 18-19, 2019 at the JW Marriott (5150 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas 77056). Leading experts from around the world will gather to discuss knowledge, tips, trends, and insights about blockchain technology and its role in the oil and gas industry. The event will enable attendees to understand how blockchain technology like cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed databases, and public ledgers are going to transform the oil and gas industry.

  • Coinvention
    09/20/2019 - 09/21/2019 | (07/26/2019)

    Coinvention is part of Philadelphia Blockchain Week 2019. The Conference will take place on September 20-21, 2019, held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. The two-day event consists of a Hackathon & Meetup and the Convention & Mixer. The event is devised to foster personal relationships, deepen knowledge, and expand insight with the companies redesigning the future. The Convention’s organizers welcome investors, job seekers, newcomers, and promotors to take part in the opportunities and discussions at Coinvention.

  • Digital Finance World 2019
    09/18/2019 - 09/19/2019 | (07/19/2019)

    Digital Finance World 2019 will be held from September 18-19, 2019, at the House of Logistics & Mobility (Strasse 7, Gateway Gardens Frankfurt Germany 60549). The Conference will include discussions, presentation, and guidance surrounding the digital enterprise of blockchain. Discussions will pertain to the effect that blockchain has on banks and to the future of digital finances. The organizers believe this technology holds a large impact on the banking sector and will further develop into the finance industry in the next few years. The Frankfurt conference is centered on advanced technologies that will embrace new opportunities to stay relevant in the newly regulated world.