• Blockchain Summit London
    06/26/2019 - 06/27/2019 | (06/14/2019)

    The Blockchain Summit London will connect 5,000 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators, and investors. Keynote speakers include Amit Varma, CTO of Fintech Pioneer, Product & Technology Leader, and CitiBank; Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking, Ripple; Margot James, Minister of State for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, and more. Alongside the keynote presentations and panels, the Summit will include interactive sessions, workshops, and roundtables that will produce networking opportunities as well as learning and insight.

  • Romania Blockchain Summit
    06/21/2019 - 06/22/2019 | (06/14/2019)

    Keynote speakers for this year’s Romania Blockchain Summit include Fabio Canesin, Co-founder of NASH; Mihai Alisie, Co-founder of Ethereum; Dave Pulis, Chief executive Officer at ZBX; and Pascal B. van Knijff, CSO Crypto Daily and more. The Summit brings together the public sector, political decision-makers, developers, researchers, global entrepreneurs and leaders, and innovators from the blockchain industry. Its goal is to promote the benefits of blockchain technology as a vector in achieving economic and social progress.

  • EventHorizon Summit 2019
    06/19/2019 - 06/20/2019 | (06/10/2019)

    Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili & Greyp Bikes; David Martin, Managing Director of Power Ledger; Maria McKavanagh, Chief Operating Officer of Verv; and Jo-Jo Hubbard: CEO & Co-founder of Electron are among the keynote speakers at EventHorizon Summit 2019. The summit on Energy & Blockchain intends to showcase the future of energy supply with a focus on renewable resources. The summit will include 1500 participants and 1000+ industry professionals in debate and discussion over 80 sessions during its two-day span. 

  • Blockchain Tech Summit 2019
    09/10/2019 (10:30 AM - 05:00 PM) | (06/07/2019)

    The Blockchain Tech Summit is back in 2019 after last year’s debut with 50 global speakers and 250 global influencers. This year’s Summit will increase the number speakers to add new facets of integration: more on-site workshop training, networking round tables, live Q/A sessions with speakers and sponsors, attendee spotlight features, exhibitor showcase demos, and VIP networking dinners and after parties. The Summit’s focus is bringing in key stakeholders that will grow both the exploration and the expansion of Blockchain into mainstream audiences.

  • Synchronize
    04/17/2019 (08:00 AM - 05:45 PM) | (04/22/2019)

    Elizabeth Lan Davis, a former trial attorney at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and a shareholder at Murphy & McGonigle, is a featured speaker at Synchronize 2019. Ms. Davis is speaking on the panel, "Crypto: Are Regulators Ready?" Other speakers on the panel include: Amir Zaidi, Director, Division of Market Oversight, CFTC; Alex Khachaturian, Director, Office of Emerging Regulatory Issues, FINRA; and Perianne Boring, Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce.

  • Crypto-Evolved 2019
    06/25/2019 (08:00 AM - 07:00 PM) | (04/22/2019)

    Timothy G. Massad, former Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Comission; Troy Paredes, Foudner of Paredies Strategies LLC; and Colleen Sullivan, CEO of CMT Digital Holdings LLC are among the keynote speakers at Crypto Evolved, The Innovators' Conference, which will take place on Tues., June 25 in New York City. Crypto-Evolved is the billed as the only industry conference dedicated to the development of the digital-asset market.

  • CryptoLex 2018
    09/26/2018 (02:00 PM - 08:00 PM) | (06/27/2018)
    Daniel Payne at CryptoLex 2018

    Blockchain technology has tremendous potential. Amidst a dramatically evolving and escalating landscape for blockchain companies, crypto assets and business potential, many of the legal parameters and regulatory guidelines impacting this growing market sector remain undefined, vague and/or in the throes of a turf battle by government regulatory bodies.