• The author examines the decisions in SEC v. Telegram and how they may impact digital token issuers’ use of the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens model for distributing tokens.

    The Southern District of New York has issued two main rulings in SEC v. Telegram—that the offer and sale of Telegram’s cryptocurrency (Grams) involved a "scheme" to distribute securities subject to 1933 Act registration requirements, and that the Court’s preliminary injunction regarding sales or resales of Grams applies to both U.S. and non-U.S. purchasers. Murphy & McGonigle’s Larry Bergmann examines both rulings and weighs the impact they might have on future issuances of digital tokens. Among other things, Bergmann believes that the decisions will make it more difficult for digital token issuers to argue that securities sold to raise capital can be transformed at a later date into "utility" digital assets that are not securities. He also raises the question of whether improvements can be made to an operational cryptocurrency platform to enhance the value of that platform’s tokens.

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  • Ethereal Summit
    05/08/2020 - 02/26/2020 | (02/26/2020)

    Ethereal Summit will be hosted on May 8-9 at the 1896 Studio and Stages in Brooklyn, NY. Ethereal Summit conjoins technologists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors in the field of Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralization. The conference focuses on connecting leading developers, companies, and influencers shaping the future of blockchain. The summit focuses on the critical ways in which Blockchain can revolutionize the world.

  • Consensus
    05/11/2020 | (02/26/2020)

    Consensus 2020 will be hosted at the New York Hilton Midtown from May 11-13. The three-day event will discuss the future of blockchain and digital asset technology. Topics at the forefront this year include; adoption challenges, privacy, capital formation, regulation, and market infrastructure. The event will provide an introspective look at the previous 12 months, while preparing the industry for the next 12.

  • Digital Asset Summit
    05/13/2020 - 02/26/2020 | (02/26/2020)

    The Digital Asset Summit will be hosted on May 13th at Pier 60. The Summit is a one-day conference focused on bringing together institutional investors, traditional financial institutions, and crypto. Hosted during New York’s Blockchain Week, the Digital Asset Summit conference works to bridge the gap between financial systems and the budding world of digital assets. 

  • Blockchain Week
    05/08/2020 | (02/26/2020)

    Blockchain week returns to NYC for the week of May 8-15. Hosted by the New York City Economic Development Council (NYCEDC), Blockchain Week will feature events centered on the innovation and advancement of the global blockchain community and include over 40 events, dedicated to defining the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

  • DC Blockchain Summit 2020
    03/11/2020 - 03/12/2020 | (02/11/2020)

    This conference has been canceled.

    The DC Blockchain Summit 2020 will feature speakers from the Securities and Exchange Commission, innovators in the Blockchain industry, and Blockchain technologists from around the world. Matthew Comstock, a former lawyer at the SEC and a member of Murphy & McGonigle’s FinTech & Blockchain Practice, will be a featured panelist speaking on, “U.S. Competitiveness on Blockchain Technology.” Daniel Payne of the FinTech & Blockchain Practice will be leading a Workshop, entitled, “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Blockchain Litigation.” Other speakers include Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow & VP of Blockchain;  and Hester Peirce, Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, who will speak on, “Token Jurisdiction: Deep Dive into SEC and CFTC Oversight.”