• Future Blockchain Summit
    10/27/2020 - 10/28/2020 | (07/13/2020)

    How will Blockchain shape the future globally? With 42% of businesses researching the possibility of implementing blockchain technology, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the business world. One of the world’s largest Blockchain events, The Future Blockchain Summit, will conduct for the third consecutive year, this October 27-28, 2020, in Dubai.  The event shares the inside scoop on what is happening inside the industry and where it is headed in the future. Leading up to the event, visit Future Blockchain Summit Virtual for live podcasts, keynotes, and videos. Both the virtual and live features focus on reconnecting global industries towards a new Blockchain-powered future.

  • Money Next Summit Online
    08/18/2020 - 08/21/2020 | (06/29/2020)

    How is blockchain powering customer loyalty programs, digital wallets, CBDCs, and other token-based finance solutions? Money Next Summit Online, August 18 – 21, brings together leaders in the blockchain tech and finance industries to explore what’s next for blockchain in the financial sector. The four-day event features 180 visionary speakers and 5,000 finance and technology decision-makers who will debate the latest industry trends and future innovations. Speakers span across companies such as HSBC, Societe Generale, Yahoo Finance, AON, Barclays, Accenture, Visa, Paypal, HSBC, and more.

  • Blockchain World Congress
    08/24/2020 - 08/25/2020 | (06/29/2020)

    With 40 panels and keynote speakers over two days, the Blockchain World Congress is one virtual blockchain event you won’t want to miss this summer! Blockchain World Congress 2020 is one of the leading global blockchain summits in UK Europe. It focuses on crypto, cryptocurrency, digital currency, digital identity, bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, crypto mining, supply chains, manufacturing, and industry. At this year’s event, online August 24-25, speakers include leaders and innovators from IBM, Big Issue, Deloitte, and Applied Blockchain.

  • Join the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and Global Digital Finance (GDF) on Tuesday, July 21 for a webinar discussing the Regulation of Blockchain in the EU. Hear from two prominent leaders in blockchain regulation discus blockchain innovations and regulations in the European Union (EU). Learn about the impact of coronavirus on the blockchain community in the European Union, and the EU’s latest innovations and contributions in the Blockchain world.

  • The fifth entry in a series of blog posts focused on trends and analytics derived from Murphy & McGonigle's Blockchain Litigation Database.

  • The Blockchain Event
    02/09/2021 | (06/10/2020)

    The 2021 Blockchain Event features education and solutions for all industries. The event, to be hosted in Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Feb. 9-12, 2021, will help attendees understand the value of blockchain through case studies, keynotes, panel discussions, and conferences. Featured speakers will include Kate Matsudaira, Director, Tech Engineering at Google, and Marie Douglas, Vice President, Global Technology Service Provider Sales, IBM.

  • The fourth entry in a series of blog posts focused on trends and analytics derived from Murphy & McGonigle's Blockchain Litigation Database.

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